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Raising Orphans/ Education Sponsorship

Thank you for your generosity. 

We cherish every single penny you donate and thank you for your support towards the less fortunate. Your support is making positive changes in the lives of countless people.

Below is the summary of our sponsorship programmes, if you are interested in raising orphans or providing sponsorship to those in need, please submit the following form and our donation team will contact you shortly for matching.

Our sponsorship programs are on "one-to-one subsidy" basis and we try our best to allocate one donor with one child, so that the donor can build up a long-term relationship with the child. In the circumstances that the child cannot be sponsored on "one-to-one" basis (i.e. the sponsorship amount is less than the amount that the child needs), we will contact the donor on such arrangement.

The minimum duration of our sponsorship is 12 months and your sponsorship is likely to last for years, depending on the needs of child you sponsor. You may withdraw your sponsorship anytime by sending written notice to Happy Tree. Once the sponsored child has grown up and able to support himself/herself on living, our member of staff will contact you on transferring of sponsorship to other children in need.

If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us (tel: (852) 2730 0277 / Whatsapp : (852) 5543 5035 / email:

Note: Donation of HKD$100 or above are tax deductible with an official receipt. (for Hong Kong taxpayers only.)


Raising Orphans

Orphans - Happyland

Happyland was established in 2010 and is currently providing comprehensive care for 45 orphans of aged 2 to 21. We aim to provide a safe living environment for children, especially for the children who are traumatized by the inevitable separation from, or the loss of, their parents, and left to live in despair. We believe children shall be living in a loving home.

Monthly living expenses per child: HK$1,300

Orphans with HIV/AIDS - House of Rainbow Bridge

Happy Tree established House of Rainbow Bridge in 2004 which we aim to provide hospice to HIV+ orphans and provide them a chance to live with dignity. 

The "rainbow" represents the bridge hanging from the sky, connecting the world of suffering and heaven. We believe we will eventually be reunited with this group of angels.

As additional care and regular medical check up is needed for orphans with HIV/AIDS, the monthly living expenses of each AIDS orphan is HK$1,900.

Orphans with Disabilities - Home of Toughness

Home of Toughness is an orphanage for orphans suffering from various disabilities such as Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis,  intelligence deficiency syndrome. We believe all children shall be in a loving home and we provide comprehensive care to the orphans.

Monthly living expenses per child: HK$800

Education Sponsorship & Anti-Poverty

University Sponsorship for Orphans

Happy Tree believes children are the bright young minds of tomorrow and we believe education changes lives. We are proud to have our first orphan to admit into University in 2013 and there are currently around 17 of the orphans from House of Rainbow Bridge and Happyland are admitted into Universities in Phnom Penh.

University sponsorship per orphan: HK$1,000

Leirvik Prey Salaov Friendship School

Happy Tree began to subsidize the tuition and operating expenses of a school located in a slum village at Siem Reap and currently providing education opportunity for the 50 children living at the neighborhood.

We believe children can break the cross-generation poverty with quality education and all children have the rights to fulfil their dreams.

Education sponsorship per orphan: HK$100


Education Sponsorship & Anti-Poverty

New Life Victory School

New Life Victory School is located at Ghaziabad, India. Happy Tree is currently providing educational sponsorship to 75 students as we believe all children has the right to receive education and fulfill their dreams.

Education sponsorship per student: HK$500

Muneer Child Development Centre

Muneer Child Development Centre is located in a remote village in Kalindi, West Bengal, India and our aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment for child-development.

The centre runs programme that is designed to make a positive difference in the lives of the children for their physical, mental, spiritual and social development.

Monthly sponsorship per child: HK$100


Education Sponsorship & Anti-Poverty

Yong Chun Anti-Poverty & Growth Sponsorship

While China has the world's fastest-growing major economy, some children who live in rural still struggle to live.

Happy Tree is currently providing subsidies to children that are either parentless, or have been abandoned for various reasons in Yongchun, Fujian.

Monthly sponsorship per child: HK$200

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