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Leirvik Prey Salaov Friendship School

Leirvik Prey Salaov Friendship School

Siem Reap is well known for its temple complex and is one of the world’s most-visited tourist attractions. However, the booming of tourist industry does not improve the standard of living for the villages nearby, but indeed causing the begging culture, especially for the children. Some parents are paid to rent the children each day for begging, children are therefore not attending school as they should be.


Besides, there are not enough qualified teachers and the learning environments is poor; especially for the children from low-income families. Happy Tree began to subsidize the tuition and operating expenses of a school located in a slum village at Siem Reap and currently providing education opportunity for the children living at the neighborhood.

We believe children can break the cross-generation poverty with quality education and all children have the rights to fulfil their dreams.

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