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House of Rainbow Bridge

House of Rainbow Bridge

The prevalence of Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) in Cambodia is among the highest in Asia. Millions of babies are suffered by AIDS due to mother-child transmission and they have no choice but to suffer in silence. HIV/AIDS has killed countless lives and in 2018 it is estimated to have 36,000 HIV+ orphans in Cambodia at aged 0-17. 


Happy Tree established House of Rainbow Bridge in 2004 which we aim to provide hospice to HIV+ orphans and provide them a chance to live with dignity. 

The "rainbow" represents the bridge hanging from the sky, connecting the world of suffering and heaven. We believe we will eventually be reunited with this group of angels.

23 HIV+ orphans passed away in the first 2 years of the establishment of House of Rainbow Bridge, but with the donations from our caring donors, government funding, regular antiretroviral treatment and loving care from our staff, miracle happened!  House of Rainbow Bridge has not have record of death since 2007 due to HIV+, except there was one orphan who passed away because of an infected illness in 2013. An HIV+ orphan who adheres to regular antiretroviral treatment can expect to live a near-normal life span.

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There are currently approximately 55 HIV+ orphans living in House of Rainbow Bridge. The HIV+ orphans would be responsible for their daily chores while the younger children are taking care by our care-takers in the dormitories. 

Besides regular workshops, we also hold music and drawing classes for the children. We believe children’s talent and creativity shall be nurtured even with limited resources. 

Sponsorship per month per orphan: HK$1,900

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