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New Life Victory School

New Life Victory School (NLVS) was established in 2002 and is located at Ghaziabad, India. The Christian school caters for children aged 6-14 years old (from Class 1 to Class 8) and their vision is that all children shall have the right to receive education and the school provides grants to those children whose families cannot afford to pay the tuition fee which over half of the students are from the slum.


The Principal, Pastor Manes Das was abandoned by his family when he was a child. Even he did not have the resources like other children, he did not give up but instead he studied hard and eventually becomes a pastor. With such experience, he understands the needs of the children with limited resources and he aims to provide quality education in order for children to fulfil their potentials and break the poverty cycle.  

The vision of NLVS is in line with Happy Tree and we believe all children have the right to receive education and fulfil their potential. Happy Tree has been subsidizing the tuition fee and related expenses of 75 students from the slum since 2010. We hope that with proper education, children can break through the poverty cycle and to fulfil their dreams.  


Educational sponsorship: HK$500 per student per month


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New Life Victory School

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