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Our Mission
  • Provide medical, education and bring hope to the vulnerable groups

  • Serving those in need especially orphans and children living in poverty

  • Empowering local communities to outfit themselves with skills and provide active involvement of local communities to achieve social responsibilities

  • Provide a cross-country platform to those who want to volunteer overseas and make a difference to the society

Our Vision
  • Provide a better environment and bring hope to the underprivileged

  • We have social responsibility to our neighboring countries and we hope to bring blessing to the vulnerable communities

  • We believe all children have the right to receive education and fulfil their potential

Our Logo
logo eng.png

We use tree as a symbol to children and peoples, we do hope that everyone can grow strongly like a tree and be happy, and some day, he or she will be a shelter to someone in need.  The smile of our logo is a piece of bandage; it symbolizes a healing we wish to deliver and turn wounds to happiness.

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