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Raising Orphans

Nearly half of the world's population live under poverty and many people cannot afford to provide nutrition, shelter, and care for their children. Many children who become orphans are abandoned by parents due to a lack of resources to care for their basic needs. 

Happy Tree believes every child deserve to grow up in a safe and loving place and we believe knowledge can change destiny. We provide comprehensive care for orphans in Cambodia and we believe the children can break the poverty cycle with the skills they acquire through education.

Happy Tree established House of Rainbow Bridge in 2004 which we aim to provide hospice to HIV+ orphans and provide them a chance to live with dignity. 

The "rainbow" represents the bridge hanging from the sky, connecting the world of suffering and heaven. We believe we will eventually be reunited with this group of angels.


Home of Toughness is an orphanage for orphans suffering from various disabilities such as Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, poliomyelitis,  intelligence deficiency syndrome. We believe all children shall be in a loving home and we provide comprehensive care to the orphans.




Happyland was established in 2010 and is currently providing comprehensive care for 45 orphans of aged 2 to 21. We aim to provide a safe living environment for children, especially for the children who are traumatized by the inevitable separation from, or the loss of, their parents, and left to live in despair. We believe children shall be living in a loving home.

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