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Orphan Sponsorship FAQ

Thank you for your generosity. 

We cherish every single penny you donate and thank you for your support towards the less fortunate. Your support is making positive changes in the lives of countless people.

Here are some general FAQ regarding our orphan sponsorship program.


If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us (tel: (852) 2730 0277 / Whatsapp : (852) 5543 5035 / email:

Where are Happy Tree's orphanages?

We are currently operating 3 orphanages and they are all located in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and its suburbs.

What is the difference between the 3 orphanages?

Happyland – provide a safe living environment for children who are traumatized by the inevitable separation from, or the loss of, their parents, and left to live in despair.

House of Rainbow Bridge - provide a hospice for HIV+ orphans and provide them a chance to live with dignity.

Home of Toughness – provide comprehensive care to orphans with disabilities.

How many orphans is Happy Tree currently adopting?

We are currently taking care of about 145 orphans.

How do sponsored orphans benefit from the programme?

All your donation will be used for orphan’s living expenses such as food, clothing, living, transportation, medical care, spiritual care and educational purposes.

Will the child receive my donation (cash) directly?

No, your donation will be used directly for orphan's daily expenses such as food, clothing, housing, medical care, education and entertainment. The child will not receive actual cash.

How much of my donation goes to your administration fee?

$0. Happy Tree adheres to the consistent principle that we do not draw administrative fee from service projects. All your donation will go towards living expenses of the orphan.


Happy Tree has always committed to using all donations directly to the recipient projects, and do not extracts any donations as administrative expense.

Our administrative expense is raised separately. We welcome you to support us by donating administrative expenses.

Is your adoption a "one-to-one subsidy" basis?

Our sponsorship program is on "one-to-one subsidy" basis and we try our best to allocate one donor with one child, so that the donor can build up a long-term relationship with the child. However in the scenario that an orphan does not have enough financial support from a single donor, we will therefore assign an additional donor to him/her until the donation is sufficient for the orphan’s living expenses.

In the circumstances that the orphan is assigned with more than one donor, we will notify the donors on such arrangement.

Can I choose a particular orphan to sponsor?

You may tell us your personal preference such as gender and age and we will try our best to fulfill your preference.


In order to protect the privacy of orphans, we cannot provide your child's photo until pairing is successful.

Is there a minimum amount for sponsorship?

You may sponsor an orphan with a minimum of HK$50 per month.

For how long do I sponsor an orphan? Can I discontinue the sponsorship?

The duration varies depending to the individual circumstances of the orphan. For instance, the sponsorship will end when the orphan has completed his/her study or if he/she is able to become self-reliant. In these cases, we will contact you on such occasions and transfer your sponsorship to another orphan in need. Please contact us should you prefer other arrangements.


As the growth of the orphan requires long-term and continuous support, we recommend donors to participate in the sponsorship programme for a minimum of 12 months. Under any circumstances that you would like to discontinue your sponsorship, please contact us for sponsorship termination.

As a sponsor, what will I receive from Happy Tree or my sponsored orphan?

Once you become a sponsor, we will send you an information pack about your sponsored orphan, including his/her photo and basic personal information.


A children progress report with your child’s recent photo, growth progress will be sent to you yearly and you will receive seasonal greeting card from your child to share wishes.

Can I visit my sponsored orphan or write to him/her?

Yes! All children love to be cared and they are delighted to hear from their sponsors and they want to know about you. You may write to your sponsored orphans via email or by post. In addition, we arrange donors and orphans to meet each other through online communication on a regular basis, so you can still meet each other despite the COVID pandemic.


We welcome you to visit your sponsored orphan in Phnom Penh, Cambodia after COVID pandemic end. We sincerely invite you to join our volunteer service abroad to Cambodia and to meet your sponsored orphan, his/her friends and also the community.

How can I start a sponsorship?

Please enter your information on our website or contact us by phone (2730 0277) or WhatsApp (5543 5035).

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