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Community Service at Garbage Hill

Cambodia is among the poorest countries in the world due to years of civil war. Many familes earn a living in the gigantic rubbish dumps by picking out plastic bottles and soft-drink cans to sell. There were even small food stalls on the dump that sold snacks to these families, who spend the day ploughing through heaps of garbage. If they were lucky, they would be able to earn USD5 a day.


Many of the scavengers live by the garbage hill while the sanitary condition is extremely poor. Besides unpleasant smell of garbage and full of insects, there are often flooding during the rainy season. This is a place that endangers the lives of villagers.


Happy Tree visit these families at the dumping hill from time to time to bring laughter and joy to the vulnerable group as well as rice and other daily necessities.

We urge everyone to support this group of forgotten people to defeat poverty. We wish to help the vulnerable group to sustain a better life and live with hope and dignity.​

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Community Service at Garbage Hill

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